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Intelligence and Faith from a Scientists View 
-- The Second Law of Thermodynamics -- 
Intelligence Dictates Order  and generates power to do work

1. The second law of thermodynamics regarding entropy applies to chemical systems but it also is a reflection of the universal nature of all matter, molecules, structures, living persons, societies and nations. Accordingly we see that any system or person isolated from outside intelligence will become devoid of order without light and truth and fall into decay.

The change in entropy of an ideal system can be expressed as dS = dH/T(deg. K).  Where S is entropy or the degree of disorder, and dS is the change in entropy. The equation for the ideal system is used which ignores forces that cannot be calculated.  Also this makes the process reversible. The equation for the real system is dS > dH/T(deg. K). The latter expression reminds us that for any change in energy of a system, order always decreases without outside directon.

 2. Intelligence is truth and organized light and can only originate or exist within a matrix having substance. ~~~~~ From Webster: "Intelligence is the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate ones environment" (and thus to do work). The use of intelligence to make decisions requires energy and can exist only in the body of a being that has life.
Intelligence is the opposite of entropy (chaos) and is harmonious with order, virtue and with the capacity to direct and do work. The light and truth thereof are obviously the opposite of evil, darkness - and significantly - of doubt. The source of intelligence is the creator of this earth, Jehovah. It cannot originate in a vacuum nor from a substance void of life.

Accordingly it is obvious that there is a cause for every phenomenon. If the result is an increase in order then intelligence was in the cause.  If the result is a decrease in order then intelligence was lacking from the cause.  


3.  Intelligence in the Creation: Just as any system without outside intelligence
(light and truth) gravitates to a maximum of chaos, conversely, order increases under the
direction of outside intelligence.
Since the worlds were created (organized) by God who directed intelligence into matter, then we can understand that matter can respond to intelligent direction of energy. This becomes the basis of faith.  For man is made of matter and can therefore also respond to intelligence. ( Our own spirit has matter but of a different form than the body).  Thus, faith is a function of intelligence delivered from its source - God.  Being inspired, Moses by faith in God, parted the Red sea. Being obedient to revelation, Joshua by faith in God parted the river Jordan. Being inspired, Nephi by faith in God obtained the brass plates. By faith in God’s command he built a ship and crossed the ocean to America. These exampes illustrate the connection between faith and intellilgent power as stated by the Savior to the Nephites. "If ye will have faith in me ye shall power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me." - Moroni 7:33.
So faith to move the waters and the creation of the earth are both the result of intelligent direction of power from God.

4. Faith grows by receiving and relying upon the light and truth that comes from God.
Faith, being a function of intelligence originating with God does not originate from man isolated from God. Faith is the process and the means of acquiring truth and virtue from God such that our actions and attitudes conform to His truths and virtues. The channel of acquiring truth is the Spirit of God. By acting upon truth our faith is alive and we can receive more truth, and our faith grows.
5. Faith is not blind and does not come through blindness. That is, it does not come out of nothing. It does not and cannot originate within a person who is isolated from outside intelligence. For any system left to itself without outside intelligent direction will gravitate to a maximum of chaos.
Sir Roger Bacon said that knowledge is power. The power of faith is increased by knowledge of God. The correct use of knowledge is the power to create and to even move mountains  --  especially the mountain of sin. Rejecting it lends to destruction and sin. Therefore intelligence is the guiding force behind what can be the power of knowledge which is faith. This is intelligence received and used. So faith may be defined as the possession and use of light and truth from its source, God.
6. Rejection of truth -- truth about virtue, or chastity, or about God -- causes doubt and destruction which originates within a person that is isolated from outside intelligence. That is  because rejection, of these qualities of light, is the opposite of faith and the natural result of a system left to its self. So we see the importance of receiving outside intelligence, without which we degenerate into ways and thoughts that destroy both ourselves and others.

7. Implanting faith. Since faith originates with God, as explained, - and therefore it
belongs to Him, - why, then did Jesus say to those healed, "thy faith hath made thee whole?  If it comes from God does it not belong to Him rather than being "thy faith"?  When we  consider
that informaton, which comes from our neighbor, or books or the news media, is just borrowed
material. We do not know of its truth.

But when truth or direction comes from the Holy Ghost - from God, rather than the whims of men, it is planted in our heart or spirit as a gift or endowment from God - the source of truth. That truth is now yours. By this process it becomes a living growing entity within you, in contrast to dead wood borrowed from another.  You are the primary, a first hand witness (having seen through the eyes or power of the holy ghost who knows all things) and you know the truth with a surety better than seeing with the natural eye. That is a characteristic of an implant or graft of intellligence from the Holy Spirit like the graft of olive branches shown at the right.  You do not just believe. This is one of the values of a witness from the Holy Ghost. This was the faith of the early martyred saints. This was the faith of the Latter-day saints, martyred and driven from Kirtland Ohio, to Missouri, to Nauvoo Illinois, to the Salt Lake valley. It was the faith of the Willy and the Martin Handcart Pioneer companies. This was the faith of Joshua and his priests that crossed over the Jordan River, stopping it as they stepped into its waters. (Joshua 3:5-17) It can be our faith when received as a witness from the Holy Ghost to a vessel that desires and craves obedience, cleanliness and virtue.

8. Recognizing the source of good  in our lives is another way of increasing faith. When we recognize the source we can and should then be grateful for the good in our lives and the good around us. Feeling gratitude, we thereby are drawn closer to the source of the goodness for which we are grateful. The awareness of the source of good or of the blessings in our lives then attaches  our feelings to a pillar on the other side of the chasm of the unknown or the chasm of failure and sorrow. So if we can recognized the hand of God around us then we will grow in feeling a closeness to God and therefore to light and truth. We will grow in faith. Thus we can have a bridge across the unknown leading to the known or to the rock on the opposite side of the chasm - the bedrock of revelation from God. So gratitude becomes a source and an expression of faith.
And faith is a source of power. We should be aware that if we are in error about the source of good in our lives, then our gratitude will be misplaced and lack substance being tied to error on the other side of the chasm. And so it is vital that we understand that all intelligence originates with Jesus the Christ.

9. Faith is a source of true joy which joy can only come as a result of ones nearness to God.  By doing what is right or good we come closer to God and that brings us more truth and to more faith.    To isolate ones self from the source of truth and light - from outside intelligence - puts one "without God in the world and contrary to the nature of God and therefore in a state contrary to the nature of happiness". (Alma 41:11) For "in Thy presence is fullness of joy. At Thy right hand are pleasures for evermore". (Psalms 16:11)

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