The Science of Truth

The following is a short description of the Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses for research and for discovering truth put forth by the prestigious T. C. Chamberlin.  Of particular importance in the discovery of truth is the method by which one searches, experiments and evaluates data.  Different methods are discussed by Dr. Chamberlin and those that exclude multiple theories are criticized on the basis that they exclude data.  Such single minded theories imply that one has to be narrow minded to be scientific.

In the method of multiple working hypotheses where several (and if possible opposing) ideas are pursued as an explanation of a phenomenon, investigators keep all data and simply put each set of data into the box that if fits in. Chamberlin promotes, with this method, the process of first getting the facts and then developing an explanation, as opposed to coming up with an hypothesis and then finding facts to support it.

Thus the Method of Multiple working Hypotheses is the scientific way of research.

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For investigation or selling of purported truths too often people use the following:

 1. The method of the ruling theory, where data that supports the ruling theory is collected but data that does not support it is discarded as erroneous or irrelevant. This has the decided disadvantage of hiding facts that may reveal more light and it also has the disadvantage that the author becomes emotionally attached to it thus causing him to discard opposing data.

2.The method of the working hypothesis where the main object is to collect data. But this method may degenerate into a method of the ruling theory says Chamberlin.

In contrast to the above, for doctrines of theology, recorded in scripture as revelation from God, there is only one answer, one solution, since God is not guessing nor doing research. So if a proposal is presented as the only possible way, it is then the ruling theory but should actually be classified as a religion and not as science as defined by Chamberlin.

 Some isolated facts or events in Chamberlin's life are listed below.          . 

Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin
September 25, 1843 –– November 15, 1928

Appointment as head of the glacial division of the US Geological Survey in 1888He was president of the University of Wisconsin (1887 to 1892).
In 1892 Chamberlin accepted the offer to organize a department of geology at the new University of Chicago, where he remained as a professor until 1918.
From 1898 to 1914 he was president of the Chicago Academy of Sciences.
President of the University of Wisconsin (1887 to 1892).
In 1893 he founded the Journal of Geology, of which he was editor for many years.
  President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 1908>