1939 to 2016

Sometimes, death appears too quickly
And nips a fresh life in its youth:
And we are left unprepared, and 
Searching for the truth.
Death may steal a promising future;
Never once stopping for a plea,
But takes a shining young person
Saying, “This one is for me!”
Left behind is suffereing and despair;
A thriving home is thereby stilled,
A life-time of plans evaporated.
Could this be what God has willed?
Or, is this chance of ill-timed death
The price we agreed to pay
For being allowed to make decisions
And be each his own man, day by day?
If I can but understand that death
Is an important part of the rules,
Then might I not accept it
As one of life’s necessary schools?
Oh, Lord! Grant that if death comes
Early, I might have faith to say,
“Life has been woth the price.
I’ve enjoyed and used well my day!”
                               ----- Janet E. Adams